Lighting Rental Equipment | What We Have

ILC’s warehouse holds a broad range of lighting rental equipment, from conventional lighting and rigging to state of the art moving lights, LED lighting, and control consoles. Our equipment is rigorously tested by factory certified technicians before it goes out on your show. ILC is dedicated to quality. Seriously. We rip it apart, clean it, and test it because you have enough to worry about already. When you rent from ILC, you know we have your back.

NameVoltageLamp Wattage/ Total WattageWeightFixed GobosRotating GobosColorShuttering Fixture
High End Systems Solaframe 750100-240VAC270 W LED63 lb-7CMY + CTO + WheelYes
MAC Viper Profile100-240VAC1000 W Lamp82 lb410CMY + CTO + Wheel-
High End Systems SolaFrame 2000100-240VAC600 W LED / 950 W Total96 lb76CMY + CTO + WheelYes
Clay Paky Alpha Profile 1500200-240V1500 W Lamp / 2000 W Total109 lb86CMY + CTO + WheelYes
Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 1500200-240v1500 W Lamp / 2000 W Total109 lb812CMY + CTO + Wheel-
Clay Paky A.leda B-EYE K20100-240VAC750 W Total46 lb--RGBW-
Clay Paky Mythos 2115-230V440 W Lamp / 770 W total70 lb18+16CMY + CTO + Wheel-
Clay Paky Sharpy115-230VAC189 W Lamp / 350 W Total35 lb17-Wheel-
Clay Paky Sharpy Wash 330115-230VAC330 W Lamp / 520 W Total40 lb--CMY + Wheel-
Clay Paky Igloo Dome200-240VAC150 W Total66 lb----
Martin MAC Aura XB LED Wash100-240VAC285 W Total14 lb--RGBW-
Robe BMFL Blade200-240VAC1700 W Lamp / 2000 W Total83 lb86CMY + CTO + WheelYes
Elation Proteus Beam100-240VAC280 W Lamp / 500 W Total77 lb138CMY + Wheel-
Vari*Lite VL3000 Spot200-264VAC1200 W Lamp / 1850 W Total91 lb--CMY + CTO + Wheel-
Vari*Lite VL3500 Spot200-264VAC1200 W Lamp / 1850 W Total91 lb65CMY + CTO + WheelYes
Vari*Lite VL3515 Spot200-264VAC1500 W Lamp / 2200 W Total94 lb65CMY + CTO + WheelYes
Vari*Lite VL3500 Wash200-264VAC1500 W Lamp / 1850 W Total96 lb--CMY + CTO + Wheel-
Vari*Lite VL440 Spot100-240VAC400 W Lamp / 660 W Total56 lb107CMY + CTO + Wheel-
NameColorWattageBeam AngleLens OptionsWeightVoltage
Source Four LED Lustr®+ Series 27-color system (Red, Lime, Amber, Green, Cyan, Blue, Indigo)171WCompatible S4 EDLT Lens (14°, 19°, 26°, 36°, 50°, 70°, 90°)-18.3 lb w/ barrel100-240V
Source Four LED Lustr®+ Series 2 CYC Adapter--65°Replaces Lens4.5 lb-
Chauvet Ovation E-260WW IPWarm White221WCompatible S4 EDLT Lens (14°, 19°, 26°, 36°, 50°, 70°, 90°)-25.6 lb w/ barrel100-240V
Chroma-Q Color Force II 12RGBA133W22°-11.2 lb100-240V
Chroma-Q Color Force II 48RGBA533W22°-40 lb100-240V
Chroma-Q Color Force II 72RGBA800W22°-53 lb100-240V
Chroma-Q Studio Force V 12Variable white (3000°K to 6100°K)150W23°-13 lb100-240V
Elation Color Chorus 12RGBA105W22°-12 lb110-250V
Elation Color Chorus 48RGBA446W22°-37 lb110-250V
Elation Color Chorus 72RGBA630W22°-53 lb110-250V
Elation SIXBAR 1000RGBAW+UV144W Total30°Optional Frost, Glare Shield16 lb110-240V
Elation SIXBAR 1000 IPRGBAW+UV145W Total25°Optional Frost, Glare Shield19 lb110-240V
Elation Arena Zoom Q7 IPRGBW250W7°-40° Motorized Zoom-19 lb100-240V
Elation Level Par Q7 IPRGBW127W7°-13°20° & 1° x 60°8.9 lb100-240V
Elation Volt Q5 Battery Operated LEDRGBW65W7°-13°-17 lb100-240V
Martin Stagebar 2 LRGBAW240W30°Opal diffuser lens16.1 lb100-240V
PixelRange PixelLine Micro WRGBA62W10°30°4.2 lb94-264V
NameBeam Angle/ Available Lens TypeConnectorLamp Types/ WattageVoltageWeight
ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal5º, 10º, 14º, 19º, 19º EDLT, 26º, 26º EDLT, 36º, 36º EDLT, 50º, 50º EDLT, 70º and 90ºStage PinHPL/ 375W, 575W, 750W120V17.7 lb
ETC Source Four PARVNSP, NSP, MFL, WFL, XWFLStage PinHPL/ 375W, 575W, 750W120V8 lb
ETC Source Four PARnel25º-45ºStage PinHPL/ 375W, 575W, 750W120V8 lb
ETC Source Four Zoom15º-30ºStage PinHPL/ 375W, 575W, 750W120V21 lb
Thomas Nine Light (PAR 36; 3 Circuits@1900W) MFLStage PinDWE/ 650W120V24.25 lb
TMB ProCan 4-Lite (PAR 36; 2 Circuits @1300W)MFLStage PinDWE/ 650W120V17.4 lb
Altman Proline 2000S 7" Fresnel14-53°Stage PinCYV/ 1000W, CYX/ 2000W120V30 lb
NameVoltageControlAmperageBrightness RatingWeight
Diversitronics DS-5120 VConstant OnUp to .25 ATwinkle6 oz
Diversitronics SS-15120 VConstant OnUp to .25 ATwinkle6 oz
Phillips Showline SL NITRO 510100-240 VDMX and Stand AloneUp to 3.6 A at 100 VSuper Bright17.6 lb
Martin Atomic 3000 DMX200-240 VDMX and Stand Alone20 A, Up to 33 A PeakBrighter than the sun16.5 lb
NameLamp TypeVoltageAmperageFootcandles @ 80\'Lens OptionsWeight
Lycian 1206 Midget1000 W FEL120 V10 A62 FCNone61 lb
Lycian 1209 Midget HP575 W HMI120 V6.5 A145 FC @100\'None119 lb
Lycian M2 1.2k1200 W HMI120 V20 A625 FC w/ Medium Throw LensMedium Throw and Short Throw235 lb
Lycian Zot 1200 HP 1200 W MSR120 V10 A368 FC-125 lb
NameOutput ResolutionPixel MapperVideo InVoltageWeightLayers
Madrix v216 UniversesYesYes--A/B Playback
NameNumber of ChannelsDMXExternal DisplaysWeightVoltage
ETC Ion1024 or 30722x XLR5 Outs, 1x RJ-45220.35 lb100-240 V
Grand MA onPC w/ Command Wing2,0482x XLR5 Outs-13.2 lb100-240 V
Grand MA2 Light4,0966x XLR5 Outs, 2x Ethercon 297 lb100-240 V
Grand MA2 NPU4,0968x XLR5 Outs, 1x Ethercon-20 lb100-240 V
Jands Stage CL12 Fixtures / Fixture Groups1x XLR5 Out, 1x RJ-45-10 lb100-240 V
Leprecon LP-612961x XLR5 Out-9 lb120 V
Leprecon LP-624961x XLR5 Out-13 lb120 V
SHoW DMX Neo Transceiver and Receiver---2lb100-240 V
High End Systems HOG 48,1928x XLR5 Outs275 lb100-250 V
Leprecon 24x2.4k Dimmer / 18-way 208v Distro ComboCam-Lok18 @ 208V on 2x VSC & 6 L6-20; 18 @ 120 on 2x VSCRolling Rack45\" H x 30\" L x 21\" W353 lb
NameNumber of DimmersRise TimeOver-current ProtectionWattage Per DimmerInputWeight
ETC Sensor 12 x 2.4kW Touring Rack12350 μsBreakers2400 WCam-Lok174 lb
ETC Sensor 24 x 2.4kW Touring Rack24350 μsBreakers2400 WCam-Lok286 lb
ETC Sensor 48 x 2.4kW Touring Rack48350 μsBreakers2400 WCam-Lok704 lb
ETC Sensor 96 x 2.4kW Touring Rack96350 μsBreakers2400 WCam-Lok1042 lb
ET Bak Pak Dimmer1600 or 400 μsElectronic1200 W1x 5-156 lb
Leprecon ULD-360HP6-Breakers3600 W pack total2x 5-1513 lb
Leprecon 24x2.4k Dimmer / 18-way 208v Distro Combo24-Breakers2400 WCam-Lok353 lb
Slim Dimmer Plus1-15 Amp Push Breaker1800 W1x 5-152 lb
NameAvailable LengthsColorsConnector TypesCircle Truss AvailableCornerWeight
Tomcat GP 20.5\" x 20.5\"10', 5'SilverBolt70' ODNone
Tyler GT Truss w/Universal Fork Ends10', 8', 5'BlackUniversal ForkNo90º, 3-Way Gates & Corner Blocks
Tyler Truss 12x1210', 8', 6'(Silver Only), 5', 2.5'Black/SilverBolt20'OD, 12\', 10'OD4-Way, 6-Way, Gusset Plate
Thomas Truss 12x1810', 8', 6', 5', 2.5'BlackBoltNo4-Way Gate, 90º Gate, 135º Gate, 3-Way Gate, Clamp Plate, Gusset Plate
SSRC Boom BaseBlack50 lbs
"ILC" SandbagBlack w/ Logo25 lbs
NameCapacityTravel/ FPMWeightPowerConnector TypeHoist Control
CM Prostar 1/2 Ton Chain Hoist1000 lb40\' Travel/ 8 FPM44 lb3-PhaseP-14Paddle & P-14 Controlled
CM Lodestar 1/2 Ton Chain Hoist1000 lb60\' Travel/ 16 FPM93 lb3-PhaseP-14Paddle & P-14 Controlled
CM Lodestar 1 Ton Chain Hoist2000 lb60\' Travel/ 16 FPM159 lb3-PhaseP-14Paddle & P-14 Controlled
NameCapacityTotal HeightWeightDimensions
Genie ST-25 Lift650 lbs26.5'555 lbs6' 6.75" Tall
L-16 Crank Up Stand500 lbs16'95 lbs12.5" x 12.5" x 77"
NameControlFluid TypeVoltageWeight
Reel FX DF-50 Hazer with DMXOn-board timer and DMXOil Based or Oil-Less(Upon Request)120 V35 lb
Rosco Vapour Plus FoggerOn-board timer and DMXWater Based120 V31 lb
Ultratec Radiance HazerOn-board timer and DMXWater Based120 V28 lb
NameVoltageLamp Wattage/Total WattageWeightFixed GobosRotating GobosColorBeam AngleLens Options
Elation Proteus Beam100-240 VAC280 W Lamp/500 W Total77 lbs138CMY + Wheel--
Chauvet Ovation E-260WW IP100-240 VAC221 W26 lbs w/ Barrel--Warm WhiteCompatible - S4 EDLT Lens (14°, 19°, 26°, 36°, 50°, 70°, 90°)
Elation SIXBAR 1000 IP110-240 VAC145 W19 lbs--RGBAW+UV25°Optional Frost, Glare Shield
Elation Arena Zoom Q7 IP100-240 VAC250 W19 lbs--RGBW7°-40°
Motorized Zoom
Elation Level Par Q7 IP
100-240 VAC127 W9 lbs--RGBW7°-13°20°, 1° & x60°
Elation Volt Q5 Battery Operated LED
100-240 VAC65 W17 lbs--RGBW7°-13°Magnetic Frost Filter